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Posted on October 7, 2019 at 6:15 AM

Software Developer

We are now resourcing for a Software Developer to join an outstanding international Company. The candidate we are looking for will be reporting directly to the Technical Architect.

Main Responsibilities

• To analyse and document business requirements;

• To liaise with the business to ensure compliance with business requirements and agreed specifications;

• To design new software and amend existing software in order to meet business specifications, using agreed standards and tools;

• To plan, design and conduct software testing; corrects defects and re-tests to ensure compliance with supplied specifications and agreed standards;

• To assist end-users during user acceptance testing;

• To maintain existing software by providing user support;

• To document all work in accordance with agreed standards;

• To train end-users in the use of the software product;

• To install the software product on the client’s existing infrastructure;

• To support the end-user community during live operation of the software product;

• To establish and maintain agreed standards applicable to the work undertaken and ensures that they are adhered to;

• To assist in reviews of supplied specifications;

• To participate in reviews of own work and of the work of colleagues;

• To provide advice in some or all aspects of the software development methods, tools and/or standards used in the organization;

• To assist in the evaluation and review of software development methods and tools used in the organization;

• To conduct research related to ICT;


Knowledge and Skills

• Preferably having a degree in ICT or related professional qualifications.

• Preferably with a minimum of two years of proven software development experience.

• Must have previous development experience or knowledge of / / C#, and database development. Knowledge of PHP would be considered an asset.

• Must have previous web development experience in a corporate environment.

• Preferably should have a working knowledge of MySQL database, LINUX, web services and XML projects.

• Appreciates the importance of commercial constraints.

• Must be proficient with information systems concepts and practice, particularly those used within own organisation concerning the systems development life cycle.

• Must be proficient in software tools which automate or assist part of the development process.

• Must be proficient with methods and techniques for reporting progress and financial compliance against an agreed plan.

• Must be proficient with methods and techniques for structured reviews, including reviews of technical diagrams, test plans, business cases and any other key deliverables.

• Must be proficient in principles, methods and techniques for documenting standards such as programming standards and quality standards.

• Should have a good knowledge of the IT infrastructure (hardware, databases, operating systems, local area networks etc) and the IT applications and service processes used within own organisation.

• Should be proficient with testing techniques used to plan and execute software tests of all application components (functional and non-functional) to verify that the software satisfies specified requirements and to detect errors.

• Should be aware of specific standards associated with the IT practitioner’s role.

• Should be familiar with project planning and monitoring techniques.

• Should be familiar with methods and techniques for running effective meetings and for understanding and influencing the roles played by participants.

• Must be a team player and actively promote team spirit.

• Must possess good interpersonal and organizational skills.

• Must be willing to work long hours and be on-call.

• Must have good written and oral communication skills.

If you believe you are a good fit for this role, submit your CV confidentially on , and we will get back to you shortly after.

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